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Sri Lanka 50 Rupees 2021

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This uncirculated 50 Sri Lankan rupee banknote is a standard circulation note issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in 2021. The blue and green note, dated November 15, 2021, bears the signature of Ajith Nivard Cabraal and measures 133 mm x 67 mm. The obverse side features a Blue Oakleaf butterfly (Kallima philarcus), an ancient stone arch railway bridge, an old steel bridge, a new concrete automobile bridge, and the Sri Lanka dull blue flycatcher bird (Eumyias sordida). The reverse side is vertically oriented and depicts a Yakbera drummer and Vadiga Patuna dancer, a stylized liya vela flower motif, and a muragala (guard stone) with a punkalasa (pot of plenty). Security features include a solid security thread with “CBSL RS 50” printed on it, and a watermark of a flycatcher bird with an electrotype 50 and Cornerstones.

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